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FortiAP 220B - Access Point

FortiAP-220B delivers the performance and versatility you need to provide unmatched security with a minimum of access points (AP).

$495.00 (USD)

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The FAP-220B is a dual radio thin AP that is designed for simultaneous security air monitor and AP operation in the same physical enclosure. Users of FAP-220B can employ one radio to meet the PCI DSS regulatory compliance by dedicating a radio full time to air scanning on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, while the 2nd radio provides full speed client access on 2.4GHz band.

Having two radios in one enclosure reduces not only the capital cost of equipment, but also amplifies deployment with increased monitoring coverage.

FortiAP Front Antenna Pattern FortiAP Top Antenna Pattern

This new line of enterprise class, controller-managed Access Points (AP) extends the FortiGate Unified Threat Management (UTM) advantages to wireless networks. The FortiAP access points employ latest IEEE 802.11n-based wireless chip technology to offer high-performance wireless access, with integrated wireless monitoring and multiple virtual AP support on each radio. Our new thin access points in conjunction with a rich family of controllers provide a fortified wireless space for customers. The radio operation, channel assignment, and transmit power is centrally controlled by FortiGate controllers to further simply deployment and ongoing management.

Each FortiAP tunnels all its traffic to the wireless controller integrated into FortiGate platforms. This traffic undergoes identity-aware firewall policies and UTM engine inspection and only authorized wireless traffic is forwarded. The FortiGate deep inspection engine can identify applications at Layer 7 and rate-limit non-business critical applications. From a single console you can control network access, update policies quickly and easily, and monitor compliance. Purpose-built for today's demanding networking environments, the FortiAP-Series builds on Fortinet's years of experience in delivering safe, secure wired and wireless access.