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FortiWeb 4000E

FortiWeb 4000E provides specialized, layered application threat protection for medium and large enterprises, application service providers, and SaaS providers.
SKU: FWB-4000E
Manufacturer: Fortinet

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Web Application Firewall - 8 x GE RJ45 bypass Ports, 4 x GE SFP Ports, 2x 10G SFP+ bypass ports, 2x 10G SFP+ ports, dual AC power supplies, 4 TB storage

Emerging Threats Create New Challenges

The continued evolution of the threat landscape has enabled individuals and groups to launch orchestrated attacks on organizations’ infrastructure for criminal or political gain. Attackers now use a wealth of methods to infect hosts and control compromised systems through organized botnets for automated phishing, spamming, and DDoS attacks.

DoS attacks are morphing from traditional network layer attacks to sophisticated layer seven attacks targeting application resources rather than bandwidth, flying under the radar of traditional DoS mitigation tools. Organizations now need new tools to protect against these emerging threats and the more traditional hacking methods such as SQL Injection and Cross-site-scripting.

Unmatched Protection for Web Applications

The FortiWeb family of web application firewalls provides specialized, layered application threat protection for medium and large enterprises, application service providers, and SaaS providers.

FortiWeb web application firewall protects your web-based applications and Internet-facing data from attack and data loss. Using advanced techniques to provide bidirectional protection against malicious sources and sophisticated threats like SQL injection and Cross-site scripting, FortiWeb platforms help you prevent identity theft, financial fraud and corporate espionage. FortiWeb delivers the technology you need to monitor and enforce government regulations, industry best practices, and internal policies.

FortiWeb Attack Threats Correlation

Features & Benefits:

  • High-performance with up to 20 Gbps of throughput
  • Included vulnerability scanner
  • Included Layer 7 server load balancing
  • Behavioral attack detection
  • FortiGuard IP Reputation, Attack Signatures, and Antivirus
  • Correlated, multi-layer threat scanning
  • User Scoring and Session Tracking
  • Simplified deployment with FortiGate Integration
  • Polling of FortiGate Quarantined IP addresses
  • Integration with FortiSandbox for APT detection
  • Transparent user validation for botnet protection
  • Out-of-the-box protection against automated attacks
  • Network and application layer DoS protection
  • Authentication, site publishing and SSO

Advanced False Positive Mitigation Tools with User Scoring and Session Tracking

False positive detections can be very disruptive if a web application firewall isn’t configured correctly. Although the installation of a WAF may only take minutes, fine tuning it to minimize false positives can take days or even weeks, plus there’s the regular ongoing adjustments for application and environment changes. FortiWeb combats this problem with many sophisticated tools including alert tuning, white lists, automatic learning exceptions, correlated threat detection, and advanced code-based syntax analysis.


FortiWeb's the only WAF that utilizes User Scoring and tracking of Sessions to further enhance it's False Positive Mitigation tools. Administrators can attach threat levels to any of FortiWeb’s WAF protections then set trigger thresholds that can block, report or monitor users that cross a combined multi-event violation score over the lifetime of their session. Never before has this level of customization and advanced correlation been available in a WAF and it can dramatically reduce the number of falso positive detections depending on the level of sensitivity set by the administrator.