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FortiAP Secure Wireless Access

Integrated Wireless Security and Access Solutions

The FortiAP 200 series are Fortinet’s affordable, IEEE802.11n standards based thin architecture access point products that provide concurrent security and WiFi client access operation on both the 2.4 Ghz and 5Ghz spectrums.

Secure WiFi with FortiAP

Configuring a small office WiFi network by using a FortiGate unit to manage an FortiAP Remote WiFi access point. The WiFi network uses DHCP to assign IP addresses and WPA2-Personal security. WPA2-Personal security means there will be one preshared key that users must know to access the WiFi network. Security policies are required to allow WiFi users to access both the office network and the Internet

The FortiAP series utilizes industry leading wireless chip technology that takes advantage of 2x2 MIMO technology with dual transmit streams. This MIMO technology allows the FortiAP to reach wireless association rates as high as 300Mbps per radio and also allows the coverage to extend twice as far as legacy 802.11a/b/g. Internal antenna design and sleek white enclosure camouflage the access point for indoor deployment and reduce chances of vandalism.

FortiAP Features

Designed for use exclusively with Fortinet’s FortiGate series, FortiAP’s thin AP architecture tunnels all traffic to the FortiGate Controller for added security and ease of management, eliminating the need for a separate WiFi controller.

Each FortiAP can support up to 8 SSIDs per radio - 7 for client access and 1 for scanning and these SSIDs show up as Interfaces on the FortiGate. This architecture allows all the FortiGate UTM security policies and IPS features to be applied to the wireless network as a natural extension of the FortiGate. FortiAPs use multiple discovery techniques to find available FortiGate controllers over L2 or L3 networks.

FortiAP and FortiGate Wireless Controllers Deliver a Powerhouse Security Solution

  • Secure Wireless Networks: Rogue Access Point (AP) Detection and Remediation (for PCI compliance), granular endpoint control, audit-ready reports and specific measurable analysis
  • Improve Performance: Speedy 802.11n and significantly higher scalability than the competition
  • Simplify Your Administration: Use existing FortiGate devices for WLAN Control - Turnkey Audit Reports make compliance easier
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): One access point, many uses.